Director's Statement

  "Frieda - Coming Home" started presumably 15 years ago when my aunt died, only 49 years old at the time. Some weird things happened around her death and for that reason I decided to do some psychic research. After some time it seemed to me that our life is more than only a “matter of matter”: a thrilling epiphany, without knowing if it’s true until we die.

  Inspired by a location I used for a short film, I decided to write a mystery thriller dealing with the most important aspects of our lives: love and death. They were embedded in a story that deals with some aspects of my former research. In just ten months I developed the story, wrote the screenplay, got the money, hired cast and crew, and shot the film in New York City and Düsseldorf such as Krefeld, Germany.

  Regardless of the starting point the film is intended as entertainment only. It plays with the expectations of the audience, leads them astray, and provides them with a hopeful end. "Frieda - Coming Home" is a mystery thriller that comes masked as a horror movie, but it’s actually a love story. It has two wonderful young lead actors, who are worthy of the industry’s focus.

  And even though Samuel Goldwyn once said that “Movies are for entertainment, messages should be delivered by Western Union,” "Frieda - Coming Home" also has a message that can be described with a quote from Hubert Selby Jr., the screenwriter of Requiem for a Dream. He said that staring into the darkest parts of ourselves is how we find the light. Nothing more to add.

Doc Miguel, June 2019


A press kit will be available in 2020